I have just taken part in the first ever RGU Go: India, which involved a team of 12 students from Robert Gordon University implementing a health and nutrition project in local schools in both Manipal and Mumbai, India for 4 weeks.

We ran sport sessions and nutrition workshops but as an artist and designer I wanted to bring a slightly different approach to raising awareness of healthy lifestyles. The pupils of Madhava Kripa school helped to create this board mural. This was presented to the head mistress on our festival of sport.


On the festival of sport I ran craft sessions and the children each decorated a banana and we created a crazy banana tree! We also needed to evaluate our sessions so we incorporated this in with the craft session and got each child to write on the back of their banana what they learned, what they enjoyed, what their favourite game was etc.

I had an incredible experience in India and the vibrant cities have given me so much inspiration for my final year of uni!

For more information on the project check out this link: https://rgugoindia.wordpress.com

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